Play Doh Party Favors

We have two options when it comes to play doh party favors.  

Play Doh Push Up Pops

We can make the push up pops that come with 2 gems and 1 theme signature pieces.  Each play doh pop will have a party sticker and ribbon to match the theme.  

Pops are $6.00 each

Play Doh Jars 

We can create the play doh jar based on the the theme.  We will add three gems, 1 signature theme piece and at least 1 small themed piece.  

1-10 Pops are $9 each 

To order your custom party favors please email  

Please include the following information: 


Phone Number and Email : 

Type of Play Doh Favors: 

Number needed: 

Dated needed: 

Theme desired:

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