Build a Sensory Bin Birthday Party

    Looking for a new activity to keep the children engaged for your child’s birthday party? Sensory Gems now offers a build a sensory bin party, where each child leaves with a new expy and party favor that can be used over and over again. Our unique, hands-on activity sparks imagination and creativity and even brings a calming effect.

    How do the children make their sensory bin?
    Children love to be in charge of making their own decisions and having the independence/freedom to create their own masterpieces.  When making their bin first, the children will choose a sensory base filler like play foam Pluffle, rice, waterbeads, etc. Then they select a variety of theme based accessories and pieces to add. Next, they will add the wooden sensory tools with their pieces and accessories to the bin. Last, the children will complete the bin by selecting and adding as assortment of colored gems. 

    Where are the party bins made? 
    We are excited to announce that we can come to your home party or host the event at Paige Turner Boutique in  downtown Mooresville! We can also come to venues that allow other vendors. Sensory Gems will bring all the materials and can supply folding tables, if needed. 

    What is the best age for build a sensory bin party?       We have found that sensory bins capture the hearts of children 3-12. For parties with a majority of children under 6 we do suggest having an older child or adult available to assist. While I will be there to guide and support the activity, some children may need more one-on-one assistance. 

    What does it cost? 
    Prices vary depending on filler, size of the bins, number of pieces and accessories. It is best to message me, so we can find the best build-a-bin activity for your party budget. 

    -mini sand kits for 10 kids is $125 

    -large sand kits for 10 kids $280

    -Medium sensory kits for 10 Kids $300

    -large sensory kits with a bin and lid for each child is $370 (10 kids)