Under the Sea Sensory Kit

Under the Sea Sensory Kit

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Put on your scuba gear and dive deep in the ocean. Kids can enjoy the magical creatures to be found in the reef. There are so many beautiful colors to see in the reef and maybe your child will find a golden treasure.  The blue pluffle that comes in our bin is fluffy and mesmerizing. It moves as children play with it. it does not dry out and is easy to clean up. 

Sensory play is great for every kid because it allows them to be creative and engage in imaginative and independent play. It also helps children build their fine motor muscles and has many benefits for other areas of development, as well.

What’s included:everything in this picture is included except the bin with the lid, but that can be purchased in our sensory kit collection. Also, some pieces may vary in color or be substituted for something similar. 1 container of Pluffle is provided and that will fill a thin layer in the bin. 

Please note:

*Some items may vary but will be substituted with similar items.
**Colors may appear different on your screen than in person due to different screen calibrations.
***Returns and exchanges will not be accepted due to the hygienic nature of these products.
****Safety Warning: choking hazard. Please supervise young children when using these items. These items are deemed to be safe and the items are non-toxic. However, in no case whatsoever does that assumption bind or obligate the seller or creator, or any associated manufacturer, to any responsibility for the item or its use. The buyer is hereby notified that purchase of this item constitutes a contract whereby the buyer assumes any and all responsibility and liability for this item and or the use thereof.

Choking hazard for children under 3.