Ice Cream Sundae Sensory Kit
Ice Cream Sundae Sensory Kit
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Ice Cream Sundae Sensory Kit

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I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!  We use instant snow as a base filler for this delicious looking  sensory kit. Children can scoop the ice cream into their bowl and decorate their sundae by adding a variety of toppings! So sweet! 

The ice cream(snow base) can last for weeks, if kept in a bin with the lid it will hold form. If the bin is open, the snow can dehydrate. If the snows start’s to dehydrate just add/spray it with more water. 

The snow filler can be substituted for Pluffle. 

Sensory Gems kits are meant to be used in a tray or bin to keep all the pieces and sensory filler contained.  The tray or bin also sets a defined space for children to play.  We do sell Sterilite bins with lids that can be used for the sensory kit and can also be used as great storage solution for the sensory kit. Our sensory kits fit in the large latch bins, which can be purchased in our sensory kit section or click the link

Why are sensory bins great for children? 

Sensory bins are used to nurture a variety of developmental and life skills, as well as promote creative and independent play. The supplies included in sensory kits encourage opportunities for children to develop fine motor skills and promote life skills such as stirring, scooping, digging, and pouring.  Sensory play can also help children build nerve connections in the brain, supports language development, promotes cognitive growth, and has a calming effect. 

Worried about mess? We have some tips 

For easy clean up:

-Put a towel or table cloth under the sensory bin

-Use the bin on table (use tweezers to push play foam filler back in bin afterwards)

-Place bin in a large shipping box (like from Amazon)

-Monitor children the first couple of times and help them understand that sensory filler and pieces should stay in the container

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**Colors may appear different on your screen than in person due to different screen calibrations.

***Returns and exchanges will not be accepted due to the hygienic nature of these products.

****Safety Warning: choking hazard for children under 3.  Please supervise young children when using these items. These items are deemed to be safe and the Pluffle Play foam is non-toxic. However, in no case whatsoever does that assumption bind or obligate the seller or creator, or any associated manufacturer, to any responsibility for the item or its use. The buyer is hereby notified that purchase of this item constitutes a contract whereby the buyer assumes any and all responsibility and liability for this item and or the use thereof.